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2 lazy days in Aleppey

I spent the last 2 days in Aleppey, Kerala. This was my first trip to this popular tourist-magnet in Southern India. I had a rudimentary idea of the place, prior to the trip, from movies and pictures. I imagined ample coconut trees, vast expanses of water and and all that picturesque stuff. Before anything else, I need to mention that this trip was intended as a means to unwind/relax for a bit before what seems to be a strenuous and demanding few weeks ahead; Therefore, extensive coverage of sightseeing spots or basically lot of activity wasn’t on the agenda.

I spent the first half of my first day watching cricket in my room. It’s nice to do that. I realised then that there was something about making a 7 hour train journey, paying for a hotel room and then watching TV there (as opposed to doing the same at home) that really agreed with me. It’s quite something, being in an alien environment and then introducing a semblance of normalcy/mundaneness in it: quite the heady holiday recipe for me. I did make short excursions for lunch and drinks.

After India lost, I lamented over a lost few hours and took a nap: Again, most people wouldn’t do that when they are somewhere for just two days but I guess that’s how I roll on holidays. Sleep feels better; Food feels better; Just everything that I always do has a nice and refreshing dimension and possesses a gratifying potential of a higher order, when Im travelling.

I spent the evening at Aleppey Beach. It’s rather clean and not very crowded (by Indian standards). The find of the night was “Mandala’s”. A cosy hotel/pub on the beach almost exclusively patronised by western backpackers. Nice music, a cosy treehouse and fun staff make this a nice place to spend a social (albeit relaxed) evening. the expensive beer is a drag though.

This morning, I explored the backwaters on a canoe. The backwaters are by and far the biggest draw in Aleppey. They are well known for their scenic nature and are frequented by tourists aplenty. It was good fun though I kept wishing I had some weed with me. Situations like these seldom spare you the craving for inebriation. On afterthought, I should have settled and bought a beer beforehand but foresight has never been my strong suit. .

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